What makes you buy a book?

What makes you buy a particular book?

The cover?

A popular author?

Your favorite bloggers reviews?


For me yes the cover has a part in the initial process.  A good cover draws me in and makes me read the synopsis.  I truly loathe when the cover of the book has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the actual book.  Or when I feel that the cover has misled me.  I say this because it has happened a time or two where the covers are fantasy or medievalish but the book is set in present time with no magical or fantastical features.  This often results in me putting the book down.  I am a huge medieval / fantasy fan and so books with these covers tend to get my attention first and foremost, so when one misleads me, I lose interest immediately.


However, enough rambling.  The major thing that makes me buy a book comes with reading the synopsis.  I honestly judge the whole book on whether or not I get chills when I read the blurb.  I've NEVER been wrong.  If I get chills I always finish the book and either like it or more often love it.  I always wind up going back to the author to check out other potential books.


I was peeking around for more books and came across this one:  Messenger by Kate Tremills the cover of course is beautiful and drew me in instantly, but that summary man, I found myself with chills as I read it.  Now I've got to get my hands on it.  Unfortunately, right now it seems to only be out in ebooks and I have a high preference for physical copies, I have a hard time reading ebooks since I do it on my computer and it easily distracts me.  So I've sent the author a message to inquire if she was going to have physical copies anytime soon.  I really have to get my hands on it after all. 


So what about you all?  What makes YOU buy a book?