Bleh, electric reading.

Is it bad that hard as I try, I cannot do the electric reading for too long?  I don't have a kindle, so I use my computer - which I can stay on all day long - but when I try to read on it, it just irritates me.  I am afraid to invest in a kindle for fear that it too, will irritate me.  I dunno, I just like having the book in my hands, and flipping the page, and being able to throw it when I get mad, or if it makes me cry and I am over it, seeing the tears soak through.  You cannot get that from a kindle, nor the book smell.


Also, with a stack of 30+ tbr books, I just dunno where to start, I read Grave Mercy finally, and all I can think about is "HEY, I need the next in that series".  /pathetic.  xD